The Bowling Center Has Turned Into a 3-Screen Experience

Post date: January 22, 2013


We’re living in a multi-screen world from the bedroom to the TV room to the neighborhood bowling center. People text from their phones while surfing the web on their laptops. They answer emails on their mobile devices while they watch their wide-screen TVs. And they go bowling expecting to post pictures with their smart phones while they follow their bowling score on one screen and watch the football game on another. This multi-screen phenomenon appears to be the new world order. According to a recent Pew study conducted among 2,254 American adults, 52 percent of men and women say they watch more than one screen at a time. 81 percent of mobile device users ages 18 to 24 report they are glued to their smart phones whenever they view TV at their home. Android has even issued a 3-D bowling app so you can actually bowl virtually at the same time you are bowling physically. Can it get any crazier? We hope so. So grab your mobile device and head to a bowling center near you. Going bowling just gets curiouser and curiouser.


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